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Sold out at launch: The peculiar launch of London-based

by Editor
The launch of global property service caused quite a commotion throughout the real estate industry, and as a result, didn't exactly go as planned. is a state-of-the-art, data/AI driven, cloud-based, global digital real estate platform with primary offices located in Dubai...

"Cash burn" could be worry for UK's Purplebricks, claims investment website

by Victoria Haviland
Financial services company providing investor advice, The Motley Fool, has published an article about its doubt with Purplebricks' long-term profitability. Ian Pierce, an investment writer, likes Purplebricks' businessmodel but isn't sure about the company itself. “My reticence is mainly...
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For many portals, “international” is an opportunity to increase revenues by either providing visitors or advertiser…

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HBD Resale has recently listed their most important virtues, exemplifying how the portal assists Singapore resident…

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The service's popularity comes from a free sign-up, free property listings, and agents only paying for the customer…

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