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Square Yards to Invest $2M In Fintech Arm Square Capital
Quikr Bolsters Jobs Vertical With Latest Acquisition
Fella Homes Puts $2M Seed to Good Use, Acquires LifePad
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Rethink Portal’s Reign as Disruptor Bray to Tell Madrid

by Anna Game-Lopata
Private Property CEO Simon Bray will tell delegates at the 2016 Property Portal Watch Conference in Madrid how the South African site achieved a 70 per cent listings growth by ending its disruptive business model. Madrid early bird prices are ending soon! Click here to register for the...
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Cash-Strapped Looks to Investors Again

by Anna Game-Lopata
India's Business Standard reports troubled real estate platform only has enough cash for a few more months, with CEO Jason Kothari back in the market looking for a new investment. The report says currently spends Rs 10.05 crore but only brings in Rs 1.2-1.5 crore a...
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.@Square_Yards to Invest $2M In #fintech Arm .@Square_Capital

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.@Quikr Bolsters #jobs Vertical With Latest #acquisition: #Hiree

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.@FellaHomes Puts $2M Seed to Good Use, Acquires .@LifePadHomes

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