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Zoopla says it’s winning back customers from a rival portal
Eddie Holmes on PropTech’s past, present & future: What you need to know
Immoscout24 debuts Mars penthouse in 3D to launch new documentary
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Eddie Holmes has just been named one of the UK's top proptech influencers.

Eddie Holmes on PropTech's past, present & future: What you need to know

by Sabine Brix
  Eddie Holmes is one of the UK's most regarded proptech experts and was recently named one of LendInvest's top 25 influencers on the subject. He spoke with PPW to offer a comprehensive analysis of the past, present and future of the sector. With over a decade's worth of...

How property portals are expanding across the value chain

by Mike DelPrete
   An increasing number of property portals are beginning to add other verticals to their business.  Mike DelPrete takes a look at some of the 'smart strategies' the major players have developed. Big property portals around the world have built their businesses off of...
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.@Zoopla says 600 of its customers have returned to it from OTM.

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After the best industry predictions in the #proptech sector? Look no further. @eddieholmes84 @Launch22uk @Fixflo

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