Zillow Group updates Premier Agent app to make contact management simpler

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Zillow Group will announce its third quarter earnings in November

Zillow has updated its Premier Agent app to make contact management simpler for agents.

US realty Group Zillow has updated its Premier Agent app, enabling real estate professionals to manage all of their contacts in the one place.

Since its launch last year, Zillow says more than 150,000 agents have downloaded or logged into the app, which was designed so that real estate professionals could manage all their contacts in one place.

One of the new features allows users to automatically add and manage leads from third party sources and agents can integrate more than 25 different third party lead sources into the app.

Zillow's Group chief business officer, Greg Schwartz, said the updated version of the app will make life simpler for its users.

"This next iteration of the Premier Agent App is the result of a year of feedback from agents around what they need to be more efficient and successful in their interactions with clients,"  Schwartz said.

"Now, agents just need to have one password to one platform to manage all their leads - whether they come from Zillow or Trulia, or one of the other many lead sources they may be leveraging. We've got more than 25 sources right now, and plan to expand in the coming months."

In addition to third party leads, the next iteration of the app includes expanded functionality for team leads, a feature Zillow claims will allow for better performance, more control over the assignment of leads, and integration with Premier Agent Concierge.

"The new lead broadcast functionality is a game changer for agent responsiveness," said Schwartz. "Now, when a lead comes in, it can be simultaneously sent to all agents, or a select few, on the team - guaranteeing that all leads are responded to nearly immediately. It's a great experience for the buyer or seller and incredibly easy for the agents."

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