YZER Property says its listings have grown by 300% in two months

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Dubai's skyline: Image Shutterstock

Dubai's towering skyline. Image: Shutterstock


Dubai-based property portal YZER Property has announced that property listings for rent or sale on its site have increased by 300% in a period of two months.

The increase in listings can be attributed to part of an ongoing campaign where YZER has offered property brokers, owners and investors a chance to list any number of properties for free for 12 months.

As a result of this YZER now claims it's the fastest-growing and largest specialist property listings website in the UAE with registrations of available properties in the country almost tripled since September 2016.

The chairman and founder of YZER Group, Alibek Issaev said: "With the ever-increasing demand for high- quality listings, YZER Property strives to deliver an excellent inventory to help users find their dream home or apartment in Dubai in a few simple steps. YZER Property's commitment to serve the UAE market, specifically the Dubai property sector, has led to the increase in the number of listed properties as well as the level of quality."

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