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We won’t compete on data with Upstream, says Zillow

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Zillow said its recent acquisition will not make waves for Upstream.

Zillow said its recent acquisition will not make waves for Upstream.

Zillow Group executives claim they are not trying to compete with data firm Upstream after its acquisition of software company Bridge Interactive Group, reports Inman

Zillow Group finalised the deal to acquire Bridge Interactive Group, an Atlanta-based firm that provides listing management software for multiple listing services (MLSs) and brokerages on August 1.

Bridge’s software is based on industry standards devised by the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) to allow tech developers to spend less time trying to make products compatible between MLSs, and more time creating products that boost efficiency in real estate transactions.

Bridge’s customer base includes more than 30 MLSs — including 10 or so of the largest — representing more than 400,000 agents.

Upstream data management platform has been designed to be the “single entry point” and “single source of truth” for broker data and is widely adopted across the US.

Upstream's CEO told Inman Zillow Group's offerings could "muddy the waters" for the broker-backed project by offering an MLS-centric alternative.

But Zillow Group’s Samuelson said Bridge is “not a competitor to Upstream” and that the two firms were “night and day” in terms of their scope and architecture.

He said Upstream company goal is to be a national industry platform with a single central repository for not just listing data, but also consumer information and other broker data.

With Upstream, brokers decide where their data goes, whereas Bridge will not be a national, central data repository, and its software is set up so that MLSs (and not brokers) control where listings go, Samuelson said.

“They both deal with listing data, yes. [But] they have very different purposes,” he told Inman.

“Very different goals. Lots of different machines run off of gas, but there’s a difference between a motorbike and an excavator,” he said.

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