Women dominate online property search in the Philippines—Lamudi

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According to Lamudi.com.ph, online property searching is currently dominated by women, in the Philippines, in terms of search volume.

The property portal has published its Lamudi Real Estate Market Report 2017, which indicates that 65% of its users are women, between the ages of 25 and 34, and they are mostly looking to purchase or rent condominiums, whereas 35% of property searches are conducted by men.

Lamudi Philippines Content and Research Head, Rodel Ambas explained that the portal has observed this trend consistency - Google is able to indicate the gender of a particular internet user, and when they visit the website. "We know if the particular user is male or female, based on their browsing history," stated Ambas. "The Philippines is quite an anomaly in all Lamudi countries in Asia, because in other countries, such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Myanmar, men dominate property hunting.”

Ambas drew similarities between the Philippines and Latin American countries such as, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, where women also dominate the market.

According to Ambas, as many Filipinas work in Metro Manila, they tend to look for a more conveniently located property to purchase. Lamudi.com.ph cites Quezon City as the most searched city, in terms of houses and lots, followed by Makati.

The Lamudi.com.ph analysis highlights Makati and Taguig City as having some of the most expensive condominiums in the Philippine capital in 2016.

The average price of condominiums in Makati stood at approximately P160,000 per square meter, followed by Taguig and Pasay which boast average prices of P135,900 and P109,290 per sqm respectively.

Trump Tower is home to the most expensive condominium units. Alphaland Makati Place follows close behind, followed by Raffles Residences. The most reasonable units could be found at Classica Tower and Condominiums, according to Lamudi.

Lamudi.com.ph forms part of the global group, Lamudi.com. The online real estate marketplace  currently available in 13 countries across the globe: in Latin America (Mexico, Colombia, and Peru), Asia (the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka), and the Middle East (Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates).

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