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WOKKITpro App is changing the Indian real estate industry

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When it comes to real estate, location and information on said property are the most important things. Information, though, is still not as prevalent on property portals as it should be and there's a new app that's looking to address this.

Mr. G. Venkata Raman, the founder of WOKKITpro, personally feels that the Real Estate segment in India has a long way to go in terms of embracing technology to facilitate ease of doing business. The industry is not very organized when compared to the global scenario and all critical information to do business is still very scattered. The management of WOKKITpro has been associated with the real estate industry for the past 4 decades and considering the complexity of any real estate transaction and the various parameters involved, doing real estate business in India still remains a challenge.

This is when the idea of WOKKITpro was born!

WOKKITpro, today, claims to be the only digital technology-powered business intelligence tool for the Real Estate industry in India. Launched in Tamil Nadu, WOKKITpro has plans to expand nationwide soon.

WOKKITpro is a comprehensive repository of updated real estate specific information which helps its customers to take accurate and informed business decisions. WOKKITpro helps its users to analyze and interpret information specific to their business needs and catalyzes growth.

WOKKITpro has the biggest challenge of recruiting the right resources with the required skill sets and training them from the real estate business perspective was another challenge. Also, translating all the real estate industry information to the smallest of details from the business perspective onto the software was also a challenge. Well, these are evolving processes and WOKKITpro is leaving no stone unturned to facilitate enhanced user experience.

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