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We stand with the Spanish people

By Geo Davila 0 Comments NEWS, Home Feature

This past Thursday, Spain unfortunately experienced one of its most violent days in recent history. A series of terrorist attacks took place throughout the country, including the Catalonian capital, Barcelona, and in the coastal cities of Cambrils and Alcanar.

Like the rest of the world, we are deeply saddened by any terrorist act. Spain’s tragedy has hit us particularly hard because we have a personal connection to the region and its people.

Our company has held conferences in both Barcelona and Madrid, we have business connections, and have formed strong friendships with companies and people there.

The Spanish are a strong, resilient and proud people, who have overcome so much over the centuries, and they will persevere through this as well. We send them a message of hope, safety and unity in this time of tragedy, and we assure them that no attack will prevent us from holding our events in their lovely cities in the future.

We stand united with the Spanish and all peoples, of different faiths and creeds around the world, who face this type of unjustified, unwarranted and cowardly attacks.


Geo Davila
General Manager
and all of the PPW Family

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