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VR becoming a popular tool in Russian property searches

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Moscow International Business Centre: Image Shutterstock

Moscow International Business Centre: Image Shutterstock

The organiser of a leading property expo in Russia says VR is becoming a popular tool for international property searches, now that the economy in the Eastern European country has picked up.

Managing Director of The International Exhibition of Foreign Real Estate in Moscow (MPIRES) George Urumov, says VR is gaining momentum in Russia and is inticing investors who wish to search for property internationally.

MPIRES had its last expo in October of this year and according to Urumov, there'll be more VR showcased next year.

“Virtual Reality proved to be very popular and attracted a lot of attention from those investors, who were initially sceptical about this technology and its place in the real estate market. Companies were able to showcase high quality 360 degree images of homes/apartments/villas/etc. and judging by the feedback it was an interesting and “fresh” experience,” he said.

“Russian overseas property investment potential is still strong and is showing growth for the first time over the past couple of years. The market has more or less adapted to the challenges that took place in 2014 and investors are steadily becoming more comfortable with purchasing properties abroad.

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