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Virginia county proposes regulations on short-term Airbnb rentals

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Albemarle County in Virginia, USA is proposing regulations on short-term rentals booked through global accommodation portal Airbnb.

The General Assembly recently passed legislation that requires short-term rental owners to register with the locality. It's awaiting the governor's signature.

According to Supervisor Ann Mallek, the ordinance aims to put Airbnb rentals on a fair playing field with traditional bed-and-breakfast lodgings in the county.

Rentals, including ones found on Airbnb, would have to pass fire safety and traffic inspections in order to get a license. They would also have to pay the county's transient occupancy tax, just like hotels.

“It is not a question of, should we ask you if you want to pay your taxes? No, we're not going to ask that question. Do you want to be licensed or not? That's not a question I'm offering to people. This is what has to be done in order for people to comply with the rules everyone else is complying with,” Mallek said in a statement.

The proposal will be considered and finalised in the coming months.

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