The rise of virtual tour company Eyespy360

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Virtual tour company Eyespy360 was a recent sponsor of the Property Portal Watch conference in Lisbon. We caught up with its CEO Andrew Nicholls to gain more of an insight into how the company operates, their plans for expansion, and the convenience of viewing properties online.

Eyespy360 is a platform that was launched in May 2016. The fundamental core of the business is to offer users a self-service virtual tour platform that effectively allows people to self-create 360 virtual tours.

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Since its inception, the company has grown  extensively and has clients in almost 50 countries around the world, made up of predominantly realtors and estate agents.

Eyespy Live

Speaking with Nicholls in Lisbon, he told Property Portal Watch that Eyespy360 is now focused on developing the platform beyond the core of what they do and this has paved the way for the launch of Eyespy Live.

"The simplest way of explaining Eyespy Live, is if you imagine one of our 360 virtual tours and embed Skype into that," Nicholls says. "It enables real-time interaction between the agent, broker and the actual customer.

"So the customer can call from within the tour and whatever the agent or customer is doing on their screen is mimicked on the other person’s device. So effectively, what we’re looking at doing is digitizing the viewing process and bringing it to a mobile device, so people can speak to the agent and look at multiple properties from the comfort of their own home."


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