(Video) Reimagining the future of property in 3D

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Matterport is changing the way people view real estate online. Image: Supplied

3D home tour company Matterport is changing the way people view properties online thanks to one differentiating factor, says the company's  EMEA director.

James Morris-Manuel first developed a passion for real estate technology after working as an agent at Cushman & Wakefield; an experience that saw him undertake lengthy commutes to properties that often, buyers were not interested in.

Once he delved into the world of VR, it became apparent to Morris-Manuel that the frustrations he experienced in his previous job could be solved by helping customers view properties online. This lead him to start his own business, Virtual Walkthrough, which was sold to 3D home tour company Matterport in 2016, where he now works as the EMEA Director.

“Once I saw how 360 and VR tech worked, and the quality of some of the technology out there, I could immediately see its potential application for the real estate industry, and this is something that really excited me,” he says.

Matterport is one of the leaders in its field and Morris-Manuel attributes this to the 3D technology used to view homes.

“I think the key differentiator between the Matterport system and other panorama kind of technologies is the fact we are 3D,” he says.

“So as the camera spins around, it’s not only taking photos of the room, it’s also scanning the XYZ coordinates. What that means is: the post-processing is faster and the navigation is more-friendly, but you can also do a 3D dollhouse where you can really visualize the properties and spin the whole property around to see how it sort of stacks together.”

Reimagining the future of property in 3D from Property Portal Watch on Vimeo.

Morris-Manuel says Matterport’s technology appeals to buyers across the property spectrum and allows for complete immersion.

“What is lovely about the product is that it doesn’t matter where it is in the market, whether it’s at the entry level point, mid-market or, luxury point. The fundamental factor of people wanting to have a more media-rich and in-depth experience is still there.

“Once you put on the VR headset, you can really feel what is it like emotionally to be in the property,” he says.” It’s not just: ‘oh I’ve looked at a picture’”.

Matterport was a sponsor of the recent Property Portal Watch Conference in Lisbon. You can read the company profile on them here

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