WATCH: Inside REALABS – The invention space at realestate.com.au

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Luke demonstrating the Google Daydream app for realestate.com.au

Luke Chadwick works on all the cool stuff like Virtual Reality and Drones at REALABS, a testing ground for new features at realestate.com.au.

PPW was invited into Chadwick's workspace, ahead of his presentation at PPW Bangkok, to gain a deeper insight into what technologies he and his team are responsible for developing.

The REALABS tech hub launched last year, but Luke and his team have been working on VR since mid 2014 and in late 2016, they released a VR app for Google Daydream.

In his presentation at Bangkok, Luke will share some of the lessons learned over the last 3 years, and cover the team's early experiments and the thinking behind the current application.

Inside REALABS: The invention space at realestate.com.au

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