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(Video) Hari Krishnan on being a digital native in online property – PPW Bangkok 2017

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Hari Krishnan's PPW Bangkok presentation: Online property through the eyes of a digital native, took an in-depth look at lessons learned by the PropertyGuru CEO and was a favourite amongst delegates, so we've posted it for you here.

Krishnan said he has digitized everything from travel to entertainment and learned key lessons throughout his career so far.

“People expect rich digital experiences because they are being trained by Uber.” Krishnan said.  "Consumers are getting trained and they are expecting personalisation; Netflix helps to influence this."

Hari edited Bangkok

These businesses are changing the way consumers think and property seekers are also bringing these expectations to the table when they search for houses online, Krishnan maintains. This is particularly true for Generation Y who expect results based on information they've divulged.

"Millennials are bringing their values to the digital space and they don’t care that their data is gone," he says. "They say: 'you have my data now, and I want you to deliver it to me.'"


Watch Hari's presentation at PPW Bangkok 2017

Online Property Through the Eyes of a Digital Native: Hari Krishnan at PPW Bangkok 2017 from Property Portal Watch on Vimeo.

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