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US: HomeActions partners with RevInSite, Curball for security, local ads

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Lead-generating and client-based real estate platform for professionals, HomeActions LLC has joined up with RevInSite to allow safe service providers to place advertisements in HomeActions real estate newsletters. RevInSite, rebranded from Nest4Less, and provides listing services for real estate professionals.

HomeActions is also further developing its partnership with CurbCall Inc., which develops innovative technology for real estate agents. This newest phase focuses on an important but often neglected aspect of the real estate profession: real estate agents' personal safety.

Ramping Up Advertising

In the new program, a HomeActions client has the option of allowing local businesses to place advertisements in their real estate newsletters. For example, a local lawn care company, neighborhood hardware store or plumber might want to place an ad. All HomeActions clients will have to do is pass the names of possible advertisers to HomeActions. If these companies are interested, RevInSite will show them how to set up the ad. The advertising fees will be split among RevInSite, HomeActions and the clients. HomeActions will add advertisements only from service providers that are recommended by its clients.

In addition, HomeActions clients will be able to list these local business advertisers in a directory of service providers that can be shared with social media sites, websites or anywhere online.

HomeActions currently provides 5,300 agents with newsletters that reach almost 4 million readers nationwide, who receive almost 7 million emails a month. "Everyone is a winner with this program," said Barry Friedman, CPA, CEO and founder of HomeActions. "Our clients get advertising revenues while putting helpful local businesses in front of their prospects. And local businesses know their names will appear in front of hundreds, and even thousands, of homeowners who need their products and services." Indeed, advertising revenue may even equal or exceed the cost of the newsletters for HomeActions clients.

Keeping Real Estate Agents Safe

HomeActions is now offering to its real estate clients — at no additional charge — CurbCall Protect. It's a system that's as simple as it is powerful: All an agent has to do is press a single "Begin Showing" button when they are at a house with potential buyers, for example, and an SMS text alert containing a map of the precise location of the house is automatically sent to the agent's emergency contact. If at any time an agent feels threatened, they just have to hit the big red "Panic" button to immediately text the emergency contact that the agent needs help.

Protection Against Kidnapping, Too

CurbCall Connect offers another layer of protection that can save agents even if they can't hit their panic buttons: If an agent unexpectedly leaves the "Safety Radius" (possibly against their will), CurbCall Protect will automatically trigger an emergency alert to an emergency contact and will map real-time positions so police can be sent to the agent's location immediately.

This isn't just a "better safe than sorry" situation. Real estate agents, who by the nature of their business frequently find themselves in empty houses with people they hardly know, face danger regularly. Indeed, the Beverly Carter Foundation, named for a real estate agent who was kidnapped and killed in 2014, was founded to help protect agents.

"This is an important step in our work to integrate ourselves completely in the lives of real estate agents," said Friedman. "With our wide range of marketing and sales products and partnerships, we are increasingly becoming a complete source of assistance to agents. With the addition of CurbCall Protect, we provide agents with perhaps the most important service of all: protection against physical harm."

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