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US CPROP adds another property portal, Zingat, to their block-chain platform

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Cryptoproperties  zingat united statesCryptoproperties LLC is proud to declare is has recently joined in agreement with to discover how to best bring on CPROPS's block-chain platform onto Zingat's property focused program to help better security and efficiency for real estate property purchases in Turkey. Standing between most of the world between North Africa, Middle East, and Europe, Turkey is an unique country that is quickly growing their legal and regulations laws which will encourage foreigners to invest and currently stands at nearly one million purchases over one year.

"Working with Zingat to integrate CPROP's platform is further validation of our go-to-market strategy for our block-chain powered real estate transaction technology," stated CPROP co-founder Luke Sestito. "We are confident that a successful tailoring of our product in partnership with Zingat to address the specific challenges real estate buyers face in Turkey will serve to drive adoption by other portals in the region."

In the past month, CPROP has signed agreements with portals in Europe and Asia. This agreement in the MENA region expands CPROP's global footprint and represents another example of how property portals across the world can partner with CPROP to get "closer to the transaction."

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