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US’ Aquicore and Germany’s MeteoViva announce partnership

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A leader in IoT-backed asset operations platform that focuses on the commercial real estate sector (CRE), Aquicore has announced a partnership with MeteoViva Inc, an energy management solution provider for building & portfolio HVAC. The partnership will create a database of operational insights that will improve efficiencies and reduce costs for building owners and operators.

Aquicore’s CRE platform tracks, analyzes, and predicts key building metrics in real time from meters, submeters, equipment, and sensors in buildings. The platform enables asset and property managers to make faster and more informed decisions on key performance indicators such as energy and water use, budgeting and more.

MeteoViva offers a smart data solution that delivers reduced energy consumption, better comfort, and a lower carbon footprint. It is available for single building owners to portfolio operators, who benefit from reduced operational costs and increased real estate values. It is currently being used in commercial buildings throughout Europe and the U.S.

Through Aquicore’s partnership with MeteoViva, MeteoViva will be available in the Aquicore Marketplace, a best-in-class network of partners, collaborators and applications that are integrated with Aquicore’s platform.

“MeteoViva’s work integrating IoT controls with existing building automation systems fits naturally with Aquicore’s focus on in-depth building monitoring,” said Logan Soya, founder and CEO of Aquicore. “Looking forward, I see a lot of ways that we can work together to find innovative new solutions to problems in the commercial real estate industry.”

“The unique combination of Aquicore’s management platform and MeteoViva’s smart building and portfolio energy optimization will deliver superior value to the industry,” said Jean-Marie Bergeal, CEO of MeteoViva, Inc. “Not only is the bottom line impact direct and significant, but improved comfort and operational efficiency set a new standard for smart buildings.”

In office buildings, manufacturing sites, campuses, and airports, MeteoViva technology has demonstrated an average of 20% savings, with a two-year payback.

Aquicore has more than 1,000 installations across the country and services more than 146 million square feet of real estate in the nation. Aquicore works with over 700 commercial buildings owned by 80 institutional clients and its platform has been shown to slice down operating costs, increase energy efficiency, and improve asset value.

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