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US: Airbnb makes gains in quest for more diversity

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Airbnb wants to live up to its motto, "Belong Anywhere." The company's latest diversity report shows small but important progress in the makeup of its workforce. Airbnb says that 11 percent of its U.S. employees come from underrepresented populations, a goal it set in 2016. The figure is just over a 1 percentage point increase from last year.

Notably, underrepresented minorities in technical roles jumped from 35 to 102 employees in one year, the company said. Underrepresented minorities are non-white, non-Asian employees.

Overall, Airbnb's workforce grew from 1,400 employees to more than 2,300.

A 2016 internal review, headed by Laura Murphy, former director of the ACLU in Washington, D.C., found that Airbnb had been slow to address discrimination on its platform, in part because of its lack of internal diversity. The company has found itself the subject of critical reports about discriminatory housing practices.

After the review, Murphy stayed on as a senior adviser to the company's diversity and inclusion efforts, which included weekly hour-long meetings.

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