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UK’s Emoov is now one of the top seven agencies after merger

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emoov merger united kingdomChief executive for Emoov, Russel Quirk, recently announced they are one of the top seven UK agencies following their merger with Urban and Tepilo. Quirk also stated the company will grow to have over 13,000 posts from all three businesses, and post-merger have become “a grown-up business.”

He says that the three brands can individually benefit from some economies of scale but will remain separate for the indefinite future.

“Urban is a terrific agency that we’ve been talking to for two years. It’s built some user-friendly technology of its own and has a superb business model. I’m not sure sales and lettings can really work together in one operation anyway so that will remain separate,” he says.

“As for Emoov and Tepilo - we’ve got long-established brands and it’s unlikely we’ll give that up. It’s possible that we might do slightly different things in the long term, perhaps one going up market, but we’ll see,” he adds.

Quirk says some the benefits of the economies of the merger - announced last week and widely interpreted as an Emoov acquisition of the two other firms - are already beginning to be seen. For example, many of the Urban staff have already moved over to Emoov’s office close to The Gherkin building in the City of London.

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