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UK: New ‘for sale by owner’ site ‘Roofoveryourhead’ launches, bypassing agents

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Roofoveryourhead, a website designed to bypass estate agents and allow vendors to sell for free has launched.

The site might use language similar to other 'for sale by owner' platforms but it isn't totally anti-agent. Roofoveryourhead claims that there are "mainly highly professional estate agents out there who continue to do an excellent job." However, the site insists it offers a cost-effective alternative.

Those looking to sell their homes and those who are looking to buy are encouraged to contact each other directly.

Roofoveryourhead's website gives general guidance to sellers but dismisses the fact that its listings don't appear on other real estate platforms like Rightmove and Zoopla.

According to Estate Agent Today, the details of its financial model is "as an entirely new concept, [we] would like to prove our business worth before disclosing commercial details."

The site claims to have “researched and identified financial advisers, solicitors, and surveyors”, but it admits that it gets paid a fee if users notify one of its advertisers. Roofeoveryourhead insists that it will not affect the price that the user pays for the services.

As for those who wish to advertise through the website, the site states, “If you are marketing your home yourself as well as employing an estate agent, you need to be aware of the terms of your contract with the agency. 'Sole agency' means you'll pay the agent's commission ONLY if they find a buyer for your home, but agree to 'sole selling rights' and you'll end up paying them even if you find the buyer.

“There are grey areas, however. If you find a buyer privately who turns out to be on the books of the estate agents you appointed, they'd have to prove the sale was as a result of their marketing activity.

“However, if a buyer knocks at your door as a result of seeing the estate agency-sign outside your house and the agents find out, their case for payment is much stronger.”

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