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UK: Homeowner’s Alliance requested to post their referral fees on their site

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The HomeOwner's Alliance has gotten caught up in a Twitter fight after the government announced that all real estate agents must present their referral fees up front.

Henry Pryor and others raised concerns, saying that the HOA is part-owned by ULS Technology “& whose income I believe is based on fees from conveyancing referrals”.

The HOA tweeted back: “Yes we get a referral fee for conveyancing if u use one of our panel of 150 firms. We support referrals. But point is EAS shouldn’t push services to buyers & sellers in same chain as a conflict of interest. Consumers need to be able to shop around.”

Pryor replied: “It’s not a problem that you are paid but the fact you are and by whom ought to be on your website.”

He also asked how many homeowners paying £45 a year did HOA represent.

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