UAE real estate crowdfunding platform Smart Crowd simplifies investment

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UAE real estate crowdfunding platform Smart Crowd investmentConsidered to be the only financial regulated digital investment platform in MENA, Smart Crowd has officially completed a property transaction in financial technology (fintech).

Earlier this month, Smart Crowd crowdfunded a small studio in Remraam offering investors an opportunity to earn an approximate 10.8% gross yield and 8.68% net yield.

Over a 5-year term, the investors are projected to make 54.69% return on investment, translating into an annualized return of 9.74% assuming an annual capital appreciation of 3%.

This major milestone establishes the innovation and validity of their platform.

Smart Crowd is a digital real estate investment platform that provides the opportunity to buy and sell shares in properties, reducing the barriers to entry to low-middle income households to build financial assets and generate investment income.

Unlike current real estate investment vehicles, Smart Crowd provides users with active management of their shares, transparency on what properties they are actually investing in, low costs of investment and very low minimum investment levels $1,300.

This allows Smart Crowd to open up the market and cater to a wider segment of the population.

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