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To increase data skills, Airbnb has started its own global university

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This year, 700 data science students have studied at Airbnb's in-house academy

In Airbnb offices around the world, graduates parade about with their college logo splashed across shirts, hats, and computers. But they haven't come from your typical school - each is a graduate of Data University, a programme launched by Airbnb to increase the number of employees with data skills.

"It's fun to walk around and see people wearing Data U T-shirts," says Elena Grewal, the company's head of data science.

The Data University course is split into three levels, starting with the basics - such as how to ask a good question of data - and moving through to more advanced skills such as machine learning.

These lessons are applied to the kind of data Airbnb collects from its users. For example, employees could monitor how visitors interact with site redesigns, or analyse how many of its hosts use the company's professional photography services and in which location.

The school has already toured Airbnb offices in Portland, Dublin, Singapore, Beijing, and Seoul, with 700 students taking part in the first year.

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