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These 5 platforms will help you to sell your property within minutes

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Selling a property is no longer the tedious task it once was. There has been an increase in the demand for quicker, more efficient services in the sector to keep up with the need of the masses.

Today People prefer platforms which have instant valuation, real-time analytics and virtual or online tours with better services over the orthodox agents.

Here are some of the platforms which are using the technology-driven features to sell any property in India within minutes:


A recommendation and search engine for real estate based on Artificial Intelligence and AVM (Automated Value Model), it operates as a SAAS by providing a platform for developers and builders to list and manage their inventories by their own.

It enables developers to utilize a transparent platform to maintain and sell their inventories. In the Offline method of selling homes, Zvesta has an alliance with more than 60 Corporates in Delhi / NCR to promote their impaneled Builders & Developers properties

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