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Spain’s Spotahome receives 25 million dollars in financing

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The online booking platform for housing rentals for medium and long-term stays, Spotahome has added 16.1 million dollars to a round of financing Series A, which raises up to 25 million dollars funding raised since its founding in 2014. The rounds have been led by Passion Capital y Seaya Ventures.

Other investors who have participated in this or other rounds in 2015 and 2016 are HOWZAT Partners, Samaipata Ventures, Arthur Kosten, Nordic Makers (Klaus Nyengaard, Alexander Aghassipour, Thorvald Stigsen, Hampus Jakobsson), Jon Uriarte and Ander Michelena, Gate 93 Ventures, Mexico Ventures, Apostolos Apostolakis, Charlotte Street Capital, Samos Investments, Modara Technologies, Mark Zaleski as advisor, and others are the investors who have placed their trust in this disruptive business and who, previously, have contributed to the success of other companies such as Just- Eat,, Amazon, Zendesk, Yahoo !, Ticketbis, Trivago, The Red Fridge and Momondo.

Alejandro Artacho, CEO and co-founder of Spotahome, affirms that "it is truly inspiring to see all the investors who have already bet on the Spotahome project in 2015 and 2016 participate in each new round. Furthermore, for us it is a real pleasure to have Seaya Ventures and Passion Capital as main investors, and especially to Beatriz González and Stefan Glänzer who are also members of the Steering Committee of Spotahome “.

Over the course of just three years and at the close of the third quarter of this year, Spotahome generated more than 71.1 million dollars in value of contracts generated to landlords, owners and property managers who entrust the company with the rental of their properties. real estate.

In the midst of the growth phase, the company reports excellent results, multiplying its revenues by four, year after year, and this latest injection of capital will allow Spotahome to achieve different objectives. In the first place, Spotahome will consolidate its presence in the countries in which it is already working, both to strengthen operations and to extend its presence in those markets.

On the other hand, the company will invest in the continuous development of digital and technological products that allow to continue digitizing links of the value chain in the real estate market, improving the experience of tenants and owners. Lastly, the company will continue to incorporate top-level international talent into its workforce that will help reinvent the real estate sector by making it more transparent and simple.

Beatriz González, founder and director of Seaya Ventures, says that "we are delighted to continue supporting Spotahome in its goal of becoming the number one long-term digital rental platform. The founders have done an excellent job and we are very honored to lead this investment together with Passion Capital. "

In addition, Stefan Glänzer, co-founder of Passion Capital, said that "it is difficult not to get carried away by the energy and capacity of the founders of Spotahome, making medium-term rental a pleasant experience".

For Alejandro Artacho, CEO and co-founder of Spotahome, "this round is an important boost that will allow us to continue with our revolution in the real estate market. This sector has always had a scourge of being too traditional and not very innovative. In Spotahome we are working hard to change it. Our mission is to reinvent the real estate market by making it transparent, instantaneous and exciting. “

The largest real estate video library in the world

Spotahome's business model focuses on the residential rental market, for medium- and long-term stays. Through its simple web you can rent houses, rooms in shared flats and student residences, which are visualized online thanks to HD video tours in first person that show all the details of the house, 360º photographs in high quality, plans of each property, comprehensive descriptions and information of the neighborhood.

This process is possible thanks to the creation of the figure of the 'Home-Checker', or what is the same, members of the Spotahome team that visit each property to make the audiovisual material and verify the status of it. This differential fact is what has made Spotahome the first digital video library in the real estate sector, accumulating high quality audiovisual material from more than 40,000 properties in Europe and the Middle East.

Since its foundation in 2014 by Alejandro Artacho (CEO), Bryan McEire (CTO), Bruno Bianchi (COO), and Hugo Monteiro (VP of Engineering), tenants of more than 185 different nationalities have reserved more than 3 million nights through its website, supporting the business model of the company that is firmly committed to eliminate physical visits to properties.

Guarantees for owners and tenants

The company offers additional guarantees to safeguard the owners against eventual cancellations of the contract, guarantee against defaults, coverage of damage to the home, as well as avoid multiple visits to the houses thanks to its system of visit through video tour and photos 360º in high definition.

Spotahome also offers greater facilities for tenants: customer service in 9 different languages, secure bank operations through payment gateways and last-minute cancellation insurance.

Spotahome is considered the perfect partner by real estate professionals or property managers, as well as other actors in the sector, thanks to its transactional business model and how it applies big data, advising new real estate investors, providing profitability data by region or area. of the city, consumer trends and much more.

Talent and team

With just three years of life, Spotahome employs around 200 professionals from more than 30 nationalities in its headquarters located in Madrid and, in addition, the company collaborates with more than a hundred freelancers as 'Home-Checkers' throughout the different countries in which it operates.

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