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Spotahome: The Spanish property startup that sells dreams as well as reality

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Spanish startup Spotahome has grown rapidly since its inception three years ago and prides itself on providing a property rental platform that offers convenience to its customers. Fernando Bueno is the company’s Director of New Business and tells Property Portal Watch what sets the company aside from its competitors.

Imagine being able to rent an apartment without the stress and wasted time that comes from inspecting multiple properties. The Madrid-based company makes renting properties easy by allowing home-seekers the opportunity to book an apartment online without having to visit the property – a task completed by the start-up’s ‘home checkers’ who are employed to take quality photos, create HD video tours and detailed floor plans for each property.

It’s this offering that Fernando Bueno, Spotahome’s Director of New Business and a recent speaker at the Property Portal Watch Conference in Lisbon, says is the company's differentiating factor.

“One thing that we are really investing a lot of our efforts in is our listings,” he says. “And we can see that sending people to the flats to view them is our biggest value - maybe that’s the main point of difference between us and our competitors.”

Spotahome: The property startup that sells dreams as well as reality from Property Portal Watch on Vimeo.

The HD videos created by Spotahome give potential renters the ability to see everything inside a flat from the size of each room to the kitchen cupboards. It’s this transparency that enables people to really visualize if their new home is a prospect or not.

“We don’t just want to sell dreams, but reality too,” Bueno says. “That’s why we personalise everything; it’s not about creating huge photos that are really beautiful, but creating a reality - visiting the flat.”

Developing an online platform in which to do this is testament to Spotahome’s commitment to proptech, a sector that Bueno says Spotahome will only become more involved with, specifically in the development of tools that will assist agents with property management.

“Spotahome is not a European business model, it’s about taking the concept around the world. And, of course, we want to tackle many parts of the vertical in the real estate sector, so I see our business as a global commercialization platform like Airbnb or booking.com.”

Bueno says the business is continuing to thrive, so it might not be too long until we see Spotahome in all corners of the globe.

“We are growing really fast year-on-year, so we want to maintain that growth. Eventually, I see that you can rent your house through Spotahome everywhere in the world,” he concludes.

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