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Tenavox helps Texan tenants lease with confidence thanks to effective service

By Victoria Haviland 0 Comments NEWS, Regional News claims to be the only platform to help the commercial real estate market make informed decisions about leases.

The price of commercial renting is increasing in all sectors. It's important, now more than ever, for tenants to have updated, accurate information regarding spaces they're interested in. Tenavox is looking to provide this information. It offers one of the commercial real estate industry's only platform for tenants.

The company representative, Josh Feinburg says, “With this service, you can learn what you should be paying for your new lease, not just the price that has been quoted. Additionally, thanks to our service, you can save time and ensure you choose the right building and lease for your business needs.

"Our lease grader lets you know how you did with your last lease with professional and actionable feedback,” continued Feinburg. “Also, coming soon is our space estimator, which lets you determine how much space you really need, and then be led on a search to find the right commercial space for your needs. These innovative services are all part of our effort to help business owners find the right space and the right lease.”

What makes Tenavox so appealing for tenants is that it's free for them. The process to join is straightforward. Once a tenant has joined, they can begin researching the buildings they are interested in renting. Furthermore, the service provides real information about commercial spaces and offers a lease grader with a space estimator in the works.

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