Technology dispersion is accelerating, says global media company Naspers

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Sebastiaan Vaessen, head of strategy at global Media company Naspers - which owns a number of property verticals - says technology dispersion in digital industries is accelerating because of three key drivers.


In a article he wrote for TechCrunch, Vaessen (pictured left) says:

"India is a good example of just how quickly technology dispersion is accelerating. For example, more than 13 years passed between the launch of Amazon in the U.S. in 1994 and the launch of Flipkart, its equivalent in India. In 2013, it took just three months following DoorDash announcing its Series A funding for India’s Swiggy to launch."


Vaessen outlines three key drivers behind the rapid acceleration in the dispersion of business models which you can read in his TechCrunch article.

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