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Student-led startup in Singapore funded by 500 Startups

By John Michonski 0 Comments NEWS, Market News

Oxfordcaps, a new student accommodation startup, as received funding from a seed of investing from investors including 500 Startups, ReadyVentures, and other venture capitalists.

Oxfordcaps was founded to solve the problem of Asia not having enough student focused housing services in the country. Students can book accommodations based on their current needs and list their interests to find like-minded roommates on the service. You can also opt in housekeeping and food services to be included in your payment plans.

The founders of Oxfordcaps, INSEAD alumni Annu Talreja, and Indian Institute of Management graduate Priyanka Gera, have more than 20 years of experience in real estate development, making them perfect for the roles they have in the industry currently.

Every year in Southeast Asia, 100 million students move from their homes to a college town or otherwise near a school. With Oxfordcaps, these students would have much better choices in where they live and how they choose to live.

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