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Spain, leader in the recovery of real estate investment in Southern Europe

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The operations of foreign investors account for 62% of the activity of the real estate sector, according to the international consultancy Savills.

It is a new record in this period of post-crisis in the sector, as Spain has become the main objective of the operations of foreign investors. The latest study by Savills reveals that the volume of investment could reach 8,900 million euros this year, which translates into a year-on-year increase of 5% compared to 2016.

The recovery in Southern Europe has also expanded to other countries such as Italy, Portugal, Greece or Cyprus. After a few years of few operations, he returns to the activity and, in addition, he does it to consolidate himself. Thus, the volume of investment in southern Europe has increased by 277% in 2017 compared to the minimum of 5.2 billion euros registered in 2012.

When analyzing the main reasons, the strong tourist attraction of Spain stands out. This year, the country has been crowned the best in the world for tourism, as published by the World Economic Forum in its biannual report.

Barcelona is one of the favorite cities for foreign visitors in our country but also one of the most valued destinations to invest. But, what are the investors fixing? The Savills study indicates that the majority of cross-border capital (48%) has been invested in retail assets. However, demand also grows in other sectors of the market where growth is forecast, such as student residences, for example.

This increase in interest from foreigners has led companies such as BIP Investment Properties to specialize in this sector, to offer them projects that fit their needs and aspirations. For Mercedes Blanco, founding partner of the company, it is essential to advise them in a personalized manner and carry out an integral management of the strategy, which adds value to the process. With the aim of guaranteeing high profitability in the short term, they have created four specialized areas of work: Technical (Architecture and Urbanism), Commercial, Financial and Legal.

Finally, it should be noted that the increase in electronic commerce in Spain will lead to a demand for logistics and storage spaces.

The above article was written and published in Spanish and has been translated into English. Click here to read the original article.

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