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Skiing is cheaper this year in Spain: the price of tourist houses in stations drops by 7%

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This ski season starts with good news for lovers of winter sports. This year it will be cheaper to stay in the tourist homes located in the vicinity of many of the ski resorts, instead of the resorts themselves.
According to the data managed by Rentalia, the holiday rental platform, the average price of tourist accommodation located near the main ski resorts of Spain is €150 per night, which shows a decrease of 7. 4% compared to the 2016 season.
"Between the last days of November and the first week of December, the main ski resorts of the Iberian Peninsula open their doors. Many travelers have been waiting for this moment for months, and will look for accommodation near their favorite ski resorts. This helps families and groups of friends who want to enjoy snow sports spend less time looking for accommodation," explains Almudena Ucha, director of Rentalia.
How much does it cost to stay close by? The first thing to keep in mind is that the locations next to most ski resorts have a lower average price than the year prior, although not all are lower numbers, as those located near the Sierra Nevada and Candanchú have a higher price.
The Sierra Nevada is the most expensive on the list, reaching an average price of €195 per night after rising 10.2% year-on-year. The second highest price is recorded by the accommodations located in the vicinity of Baqueira Beret, with an average price of €174 per night. And that has dropped by 23.3% since last year.
The Andorran stations Grandvalira and Vallnord are also above the average, with €163 per night, which is a drop of 15.5% compared to last year.
Somewhat cheaper are the accommodations located in the vicinity of the ski resorts of Huesca. In the case of Formigal, the price is about €139 per night (which is a decrease of 9.1% year-on-year), while those near Cerler cost €119 per night (19.6% less than last year).
But, undoubtedly, the cheapest average price of everything is found in holiday homes located near Candanchú, with an average price of €112 per night. However, it is, together with the Sierra Nevada, the only case in which there have been price increases (it has risen by 8.7%).

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