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ShelterZoom is ‘First on the Block’ with real estate online offer platform

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Privately held startup ShelterZoom™ announced the company’s launch and debut of its new, blockchain-based real estate online offer platform, ShelterZoom. ShelterZoom provides a powerful dashboard, a widget and a mobile app enabling buyers and buyer agents to instantly submit offers from any online real estate listing. ShelterZoom’s Offer NOW widget and platform transform the real estate offer process for realtors, buyers, sellers, agents and Multiple Listing Service (MLS) organizations, with unprecedented convenience, interoperability and transparency – for faster deals and better outcomes.

The ShelterZoom solution significantly refines and streamlines the process of making real estate offers, reducing paperwork and bringing greater openness to what has traditionally been a fragmented and opaque process. The ShelterZoom dashboard and the Offer NOW widget provide realtors, buyers and sellers with full visibility – all parties in a transaction can receive push or text notifications throughout the offer process and instantly chat with one another according to established protocol via a modern, user-friendly interface.

ShelterZoom’s Offer NOW website widget and mobile app are built using Ethereum, a distributed public blockchain network, to provide a fast, simple and standardized offer process that reduces paperwork while remaining auditable and highly secure. The ShelterZoom offer widget can be installed on any real estate website, and the platform enables real estate shoppers to submit a secure offer on a property with just a few screen taps.

“As the online shopping market has matured, consumers have become increasingly willing to purchase high-value items online, and real estate is no exception,” commented Amir Allen Alishahi, Co-founder and Director of ShelterZoom. “As such, migrating a greater number of real estate offers to the online realm is a logical and natural next step. ShelterZoom’s state-of-the-art, highly secure transaction platform will not only facilitate and speed this online migration, it will also offer a competitive advantage to real estate firms and professionals who seek to expand their market horizons and need greater speed, accuracy and transparency in the process.”

Real estate companies and realtors, as well as state and regional MLS organizations and industry analysts, will benefit from ShelterZoom’s services because the company’s first software release will cover a wide swath of the U.S. real estate industry, with future expansion to international markets. Initial users of the ShelterZoom’s solution will include Cyrus Charter Property and Land Co. and the Staten Island Board of Realtors (SIBOR).

“ShelterZoom’s approach to streamlining several aspects of the negotiation, offer and transaction process – by keeping everything in one centralized location, so that everyone involved is up to speed, and nothing is missed – offers tremendous potential to help agents, brokers and real estate company brands both in the U.S. and internationally,” commented James Bovell, Broker and Owner, RE/MAX Cayman Islands. “Increased transparency between buyers and sellers has the potential to deliver greatly improved customer experiences, and we are very excited to start piloting ShelterZoom technology within RE/MAX Cayman Islands and about the potential for RE/MAX Advantage, North Carolina and RE/MAX Chile in future.”

In addition, the Ethereum blockchain technology at the core of ShelterZoom’s digitized offer packages provides the industry’s first solution for generating highly secure and interoperable agreements.

“Blockchain technology is the next frontier for the real estate industry. We are looking forward to bringing this exciting capability to our subscribers in the Staten Island Multiple Listing Service, as well as adding a new level of transparency and efficiency to the offer process. This is only the beginning of the transformation of the real estate transaction management process, in a way that addresses the needs of consumers and the professionals who serve them,” said Sandy Krueger, SIBOR CEO.

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