Switzerland’s Samih Sawiris wants to compete with Booking

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Samih Sawiris switzerland europoeHotel booking and the sites/platforms that find them like Booking have a hot and cold relationship. Samih Sawiris, a king within the tourism world, would like to step in and help that and his new program will compete.

For tourists, booking platforms like or are a great thing.They make it child's play to find the right accommodation even in unknown cities. And they offer a huge selection at good prices.

For hoteliers - especially for those who are not affiliated with any international chain or global marketing network - the platforms, on the other hand, are a curse and a blessing at the same time. Blessing, because the Berggasthof in Toggenburg has a global sales platform with Booking . He is also found in Montevideo and Seoul. The curse is, however, that the hotels must pay partly heftige commissions to Booking and Co. On average, the platforms collect 10 to 15 percent of the overnight stay, sometimes even up to 30 percent.

In Switzerland , therefore, the hotel industry has already taken various approaches to the market-leading platforms - Booking , and HRSin direct bookings together at a share of around 90 percent - in check. The industry launched its own portal, but with very modest success. And she harnessed politics and the Competition Commission to her concerns - with a little more success .

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