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Over 100,000  Renter Resume have now been created on leading portal in the six months since the product was developed.

The resume allows for the automatic generation of property enquiries and applications, with prospective renters able to apply for a property while they are inspecting it.

The popularity of the Renter Resume - over 500 are being created daily - is due to the simplicity of the offering, says RENT CEO Greg Bader.

“We are obviously very happy with the take up of our Renter Resume, we always knew we would get to 100,000 pretty quickly but to do it in around 6 months with no advertising is absolutely fantastic,” Bader said.

“As a product, I really think it hits that magic spot where it clearly adds value for everyone. Our renter customers love it for its simplicity and efficiency and for our agent/landlord partners it offers both time and cost savings.”

Last month released the results of its Rental Affordability Survey which concluded that the majority of Australian tenants suffer from 'rental stress'; a situation that arises when renters pay more than a third of their weekly income in rent.

Bader says one of ways we can alleviate 'rental stress' is through making the rental experience simpler for the customer; something that he believes the Renter Resume can do.

"Feedback from our customers tells us that they want the entire experience to be simpler, less confrontational, more consistent and predictable. These are the points we like to think that is addressing first and something that I think is unique to us, not only as a portal but specifically as a portal that focuses on the rental market," Bader said.

“Renter Resume will continue to be important for RENT, alongside our agent SmartPlans. Customer advocacy and making the process simpler and more consistent are our goals. We intend to release further enhancements over the coming months that will offer our customers even more options and value.”

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