Regional News opens distribution portal to all vacation rental managers

By Editor 0 Comments NEWS, Regional News, a leading vacation rental distribution channel, recently announced plans to open the site to allow all professional vacation rental managers to host their rental inventory the month of July.

Usually all of the rental properties listed on the site are being fed through Rental Retreat’s partner RealTimeRental Vacation Rental Software. The change would allow all vacation rental managers to host their rentals on, regardless of their software provider.

“We are very excited to open up Rental Retreat to any professional vacation rental manager who wants to participate. The distribution channel has been successful so far, and adding more rental inventory around the country will help Rental Retreat grow and become an even better resource for travelers who are looking for professionally managed vacation homes” said Sherry Tomasso, Rental Retreat.

Rental Retreat currently hosts 50,000+ professionally managed vacation rental properties located throughout the United States. Travelers can use the site to connect with vacation rental management companies to coordinate bookings. Rental Retreat’s lead conversion rate continues to be well above the industry average, and the distribution channel has generated over $3,000,000 in revenue on behalf of its clients.

SOURCE Rental Retreat
Edited by G. Davila

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