Rent4free.Com is the first Indian property portal to accept Bitcoin

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The first company to accept digital currency for their property and management services is the Indian property portal, This update in the website's payment service creates huge excitement to the cryptocurrency world. The services will give customers the option of choosing which currency they would like to pay in.

A leading property and management service company announced they are accepting Bitcoins for their services, and news of a four-bedroom property in Essex UK sold with Bitcoins, jumps on the bandwagon, launching a real estate platform to help users find a property to rent in India. This has become big news in the Bitcoin currency world.

Cryptocurrency experts stated this as a landmark decision by the company who launched the Real Estate app, which simplifies the process of finding a new rental property. Rent4free.combelieves that digital currency is the wave of the future in the real estate world, and will put them in the number one spot in the Indian property industry. Their goal is to be one of the first to appreciate the importance the currency has in the modern world.

Recently, Bitcoin has become an important currency around the world. Over the last twelve months, the value of Bitcoin has increased over 350%. With the currency becoming so important, more and more companies are accepting it for payments on services, cars, and now, property rental in India.

“We have been watching the Bitcoin very closely and we believe by expanding our payment methods will show our customers why we stand out from other companies in India.” quoted a spokesman for

The Indian property portal is becoming an important company for property owners and those looking for new property to rent. It gives property owners another important tool to help out their property in the shortest time possible. helps reduce the time waste and locates properties currently available for those looking for property to rent.

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