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Reapit shows new platform at ARPM 2018, showcasing AUS’ Agentbox

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Reapit Group, a leading provider of CRM and property management solutions in the residential real estate in the United Kingdom, demonstrated at the ARPM 2018, the first part of its partnership with another leading in real estate CRM solution, specifically in Australia, Agentbox.

The company first announced their partnership with Agentbox in May this year, and are in the process of delivering the first rollout from that alliance. David Sloane, COO of ReapitAustralia, was on hand at ARPM 2018 to showcase its joint solutions with Agentbox that help estate agents and property managers have a connected view of customers on both desktop and mobile applications.

Speaking to Elite Agent, Sloane said that the demonstration was the “beginning of a journey to have a unified platform which services the Australian real estate industry broadly."

“Reapit’s platform is about creating automation and efficiency inside property management businesses and supporting the unique differences from one business to another. People can grow and develop their businesses in their own way, they don’t have to necessarily be constrained by virtue of the software platform that they use."

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