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RealtrPro app lets agents digitize open houses and leads

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Recently, Simpalm, a leading mobile solution provider in the DC and Chicago region, developed an app for real estate agents, which should make conducting an open house and following up with prospects easier than ever.

Simpalm designed and launched the free-to-download Realtr Pro app for the iPad and iPhone,  with the intention to do away with paperwork, and tedious log sheets which most agents maintain manually to collect visitor data during their open house(s). Agents can now use the app instead to do all the aforementioned tasks and more.

For the real estate agents looking to streamline the process of gathering information and keeping track of their open houses, the Realtr Pro app may be the ideal mobile solution. Agents can easily enter and update property and customer details in the app using their smart device. This app will capture all the visitor feedback post open house, helping agents understand what type of house a buyer is looking to purchase.

Realtor Pro provides the following features:

  • Easy capture of prospect's details in the app, without the need for pen and paper.
  • Detailed property information can be added into the app.
  • App can capture crucial customer data like phone no, name and email ID.
  • Ability to ask three custom questions from a visitor.
  • Visitors can enter notes for the agent regarding the property.
  • Agents can see all leads obtained via the open house and follow up with them via App.
  • Option to send messages to the leads.
  • Export the list of leads in CSV format.
  • All data is backed up in a backend system.
  • In-app purchase to add more open houses.

An agent can set up their first open house for free to experience the app and its benefits. More open houses can be added by in-app purchase.




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