Regional News’s platform sees vast improvements

By John Michonski 0 Comments NEWS, Regional News

With its recent upgrades, has already begun a shake-up in the Australian real estate market. Recently, the site launched a tool to compare agents, allowing a potential seller to compare and contrast assistants who can help them sell their home.

Not only has the tool been added, but a better search function has been introduced, giving better access to agents on the site. Executive general manager Andrew Rechtman is quoted saying that this will make buying and selling homes in your preferred neighborhood all the easier.

“The Find Agents button is now in the most prominent position on the homepage, above the search box, making it easier than ever for people to discover and find more information about agents. With the launch of our new agent comparison tool, Australians can now also select and compare agents in their preferred suburb, based on relevant performance-based data.” expects these additions to their site to positively benefit the entire industry, giving more freedom to customers and driving up interactions between agents and potential clients.

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