Real estate tech platform Square Yards grows its workforce to over 2000

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Square Yards, the leading tech-backed transaction and aggregation platform for global real estate in India, has expanded rapidly to now boast a global workforce of over 2000.

Of the 2000, around 85 percent are direct sales workforce, which places Square Yards real estate sales headcount over the largest of real estate developers, online and offline aggregators in India.

Moreover, around 10 percent of these employees are based in international locations, giving the company an unparalleled last mile International distribution reach.

In May this year the start up announced it had opened 8 new offices across India alongside an office in Kuala Lumpur.

Square Yards continues to grow quickly in India's real estate sector.


Square Yards is enhancing its employee base by 10 percent month-on-month; It now has presence in over 40 Indian cities, across metros and tier II geographies as well as nine other countries besides India.

This rapid expansion spree along with the attractive career acceleration opportunities it offers to its employees has fuelled its growth tremendously as a company.

"Real estate is still not considered as the top choice for ambitious sales professionals in the Indian eco-system," says Square Yards founder and CEO Tanju Shori.

"However, at Square Yards we have been able to disrupt this scheme of things to a large extent. Today, we are able to attract and retain top talent from not only real estate but diversified industry verticals such as insurance, telecom and retail. A blend of superlative incentive structures and international opportunities is what has helped us making real estate sales job attractive, lucrative and fulfilling and is sure to propel us on an evolved growth trajectory."

Besides on the business side, Square Yards has managed to beat the overall industry average as well. It clocks 1,000+ real estate transactions and another 600+ of loan transactions each month and its annual revenue run rate stands at an impressive USD 30 million.

It dominates most of the Indian markets it operates in while it has already gained a virtual monopoly in major NRI markets across the world. Through its scale, Square Yards has created a platform that not only attracts customers, but also developers, real estate professionals, independent financial agents, business professionals, freelancers and financial institutions.

Square Yards has pioneered a unique online-to- offline (O2O) approach for customer acquisition and service delivery in real estate and it offers a perfect blend of advantages of both channels - the convenience of online-based rich research and data-driven insights and the assurance of a designated salesperson who assists the customer in property research, coordinates site visits, and helps in closing the deal with the developer.

Its sales advisors are able to convince the clients by virtue of their market knowledge, ability to do need based evaluation and many other ways in which they can connect the various dots along the bridge between developers and buyers.

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