Real estate start-ups PropTech Montpellier to launch

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Recently, four start-ups joined forces in Montpellier, France, announcing the creation of PropTech Montpellier, bringing together innovative companies in the real estate sector. The initiative is intended to be formalized during the Real Estate Show, from March 16th to 18th.

The real estate sector can not escape the digital revolution and many start-ups offering innovations have appeared on the landscape, taking up the challenge of transferring this very traditional sector.

The five young leaders from the four start-ups behind PropTech Montpellier are: Michaël Lalande (Idealys), Lahouari Kaddouri (LK Spatialist), Jérémie Guillaume (Snapkin), as well as Angelo Blot and Jérôme Barthès (MaSmartHome).

Michael Lalande said, "We are several start-ups working in real estate, but each on its own. But I often say that the strength of a wolf is not his fangs or his claws, it's his pack. This is an American vision ... The goal is to give a common image, a leader, a single point of entry to start-ups working in real estate in Montpellier, a fortnight in everything about the metropolis ".

In a territory where we build a lot, the initiative makes sense. Michaël Lalande reminds that,  "there is still no French Tech metropolis that has organized a PropTech sector in France",and is delighted to see the idea," added Chantal Marion and Christophe Pérez " (vice president of Montpellier respectively) Mediterranean Metropolis and General Manager of SERM-SA3M).

"It's a good idea," observes Chantal Marion. "I do not know if the initiative will be recognized by the French Tech, but it is not the most important. What matters is that these start-ups support developers and architects in their work. This creates a dynamic and synergies on the territory."

"There is an awareness of the SERM on the relationship between start-ups and the more traditional world of real estate and urban planning, adds Michael Lalande. Christophe Pérez wants us to sit around the table and wonder about tomorrow's habitat, to integrate into its thinking future uses and therefore the PropTech."


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