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Real Broker to push Dotloop’s services across the US as part of new deal

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US-based platform for simplifying the real estate buying and selling process, Dotloop, has announced that Real Broker LLC has signed an agreement to bring Dotloop's services to all of its 800 agents across 18 states.

Dotloop enables enables agents, brokers and third-party service providers to complete entire transactions online, bringing people, documents and tasks into one workspace called a "loop".

Real Broker is a technology-based brokerage business founded by industry veterans and technologists and as a result of the new partnership with Dotloop, will be able to provide its agents with a streamlined process so they can more efficiently track transactions from first contact to close.


Real Co-founder Tamir Poleg.

Today's real estate cannot work without the type of system dotloop provides," said Tamir Poleg, Real co-founder and chief executive officer.

"Transaction management is a key component for every brokerage and it is a service we provide our agents free of charge to help them become more productive. I think this partnership speaks directly to Real's vision to make our agents' lives better."

Dotloop's founder and general manager Austin Allison said the partnership with Real Broker will make the home buying and selling process easy for customers.

"The dotloop experience enables brokers and agents to move faster and gain real-time visibility into their business," Allison said.

"Brokers and agents play a critical role in the home buying and selling process, and we are excited to partner with Real to help them drive continued success."

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