Proptech startup UrbanAce connects agents to clients in Southeast Asia

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Considered the first offline and online (O2O) proptech propulsion project in Southeast Asia, UrbanAce is a platform for real estate agents to serve customers in the market. It provides innovative features that allow consumers and agents alike manage their customer journey, from the initial search to the processed transaction, ranging from buying, interior, rental, and selling, all in one easy to use app.

The interior aspect of the app was designed by interior designers Fabelio and Dizen who have partnered with UrbanAce to help with that section. UrbanAce has also partnered with Asia Holiday to provide travel and tourism.

UrbanAce works in Indonesia, motivated by consumer changes, the development of the digital era, and technology. The O2O proptech project sees the property industry opportunities will continue improving and UrbanAce aims to provide greater opportunities for agents to help consumers get and manage the properties they want while getting feedback so that the agencies can fix what needs to be fixed and work better for the next clients. The goal is to constantly upgrade to become the best O2O proptech in the region.

Agents listed on UrbanAce are referred to as UrbanAce Ambassadors.

Ronald Wuisan, Founder and CEO of UrbanAce stated, "UrbanAce presents an innovative feature that enables consumers and UrbanAce Ambasador to easily embrace customer journey in managing properties such as buying, interior, rental and selling. The technology implemented by UrbanAce is integrated online and offline and partnership with Fabelio and Dizen is our step to provide better for consumers. "

UrbanAce was inspired by the development of digitization of commerce in Indonesia and how quickly it caught on with the consumers. "Digital technology is increasingly felt in the property industry where in terms of property management, consumers prefer a practical and fast process, UrbanAce itself is a member of AREBI (Association of Real Estate Broker Indonesia) no: 01.0721," said Ronny.

Furthermore, UrbanAce has a service called UrbanAce Academy that offers training for its ambassadors. The UrbanAce Ambassadors are valued for not only closing deals but based on diligent processes and services and positive feedback from the clients. The harder the ambassador works and follows the procedures well along with providing good service, gets compensation. Income isn't based solely on commission at UrbanAce.

"The profession as UrbanAce Ambassador is not just a sale. There is an element of mutual trust and commitment to giving the best for consumer convenience. Thus, we create UrbanAce Academy and reward those who strive and have integrity and a good attitude, so in UrbanAce, there are some UrbanAce Ambassador who still get incentives based on consumer feedback and their hard work process and should be respected. Ronny finished.

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