Property Portal Watch’s interview with MMOne Online Group’s CEO, Justin Sway

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We caught up with MMOne Online Group's CEO, Justin Sway for a quick interview about his company at the Property Portal Watch Bangkok Conference 2018.

The founder of Australia’s largest recruitment software company FastTrack, Sway also founded and heads Myanmar's and

We asked Sway what new or innovative products, methods of processes is his company implementing? To which Sway stated that, due to the great deal of traffic which his portals receive, they are able to track all of it, completely. Not only are the leads traced, but also the searches, so they are able to know who has done what on their website(s) at any time, allowing them to then combine all the information into their marketing products, consequently following up with sales.

The data which is collected allows for a type of cross-pollination to happen between the sites under the MMOne Online Group so that it's possible to -- for example -- find out when a user on their Jobs website might be considering to buy a property.

Watch our interview with Justin Sway in the below video.

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