PPW Lisbon2017 Pitch Club was a great opportunity for eLocations.com to make all the right connections

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Swiss-based eLocations.com is a bit of a “new kid on the block,” but the one-of-a-kind global classifieds company has its aim laser-focused on the prime locations listings realm. The company’s CEO, Steffen Schaack joined us at the PPW Lisbon2017 Conference in October, his first PPW conference.

eLocations was the first to present to the Pitch Club panel of investors/judges. Schaack outlined his company’s business plan and gained the full attention of the audience and judges. Schaack said that after Pitch Club the feedback has been tremendous, and he has been contacted by several individuals who were keen to discuss eLocations’ business goals and potential investment opportunities.

Schaack also attended Simon Baker’s MasterClass, which he said, he found particularly interesting and very helpful, because of the examples of other companies’ past experiences, and the current endeavours to further develop their businesses.

But more importantly, Schaack, having heard of PPW’s Pitch Club, which provides businesses operating within the online Real Estate classifieds sector with the unique opportunity to raise capital and access structured mentorship to accelerate their growth, decided to present eLocations before the panel of investment judges and the PPW Lisbon2017 Conference audience, in hopes of attracting potential investors, partners and/or customers to the business.

eLocations is the brainchild of Marc C. Riebe, who hails from Zurich’s luxury retail brokerage, and joined forces with real estate tech veteran Steffen Schaack last year when Schaack came onboard as the company’s Chief Sales Officer.

Referring to Schaack’s current position, Riebe said, “We had to make Steffen the CEO because he was so enthusiastic about the project. I really don’t know when he found the time to sleep, he spent day and night online pushing for sales and contracts.”

“If you look at all the luxury brands on the High Streets around the world… they all cluster together. Where Gucci goes, so does Luis Vuitton, and other similar luxury brands. The idea behind eLocation is to bring all the collected news on a global map. Where is Prada moving to? Where are all the brands opening?” Schaack explained.

We look forward to seeing eLocations present at the PPW Bangkok2018 Conference, and to hear Steffen Schaack’s update on the company’s progress as an official featured speaker.

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