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Portugal creates a rural tourism booking app creating a ‘flood’ of agro-tourists

By Silvia Castro Betancourt 0 Comments NEWS, Regional News

Aldeias do Xisto, representing a group of 27 rural tourism destinations in Portugal's interior, has recently launched its Book in Xisto app, which was inspired by other popular booking platforms, to channel its entire range of accommodations and activities that each year mobilizes almost half a million tourists.

The initiative launched this past December, with the aim of channeling supply and demand directly, without intermediaries, since the objective is to financially stimulate this area part of Portugal's central region.

The platform, developed by a company in Oporto and which has involved an investment of 75,000 euros supported by the Aldeias do Xisto Association, plans to generate a turnover of around one million euros in the first year of operation.

The first phase of the platform caters to a total of 80 tourism businesses, accommodation, and even leisure activities, and there is hope to soon reach a hundred companies.

With this app, visitors to the 27 Aldeias do Xisto of Portugal should be able to complete their entire itinerary, including the booking of all meals and complementary activities, all online.

Agro-tourism has become widely popular among the Portuguese and their Spanish neighbors, who tend to visit weekends to experience the popular rural tourism in the villages, spread over 27 counties located near the Spanish border of Extremadura, Castilla and Leon.

German and the French tourists are the foreign tourists who most visit the Aldeias do Xisto, in addition to the Spanish tourists.

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