Pied À Terre, a new international home sharing platform

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Pied à Terre is a new international website offering upscale accommodation options for travelers. It's a new kind of home sharing platform that's disrupting the residential hospitality industry. Pied à Terre focuses on connecting travelers who value diversity, care for the environment, with like-minded hosts for a more international society.

Pied à Terre's travelers receive curated attention from hosts who are passionate about sharing their home and community. With properties in over eight countries, Pied à Terre fosters an environment of openness and warmth at every location. The Pied à Terre mission is to provide high-quality service for a generation of travelers that are looking for immersive cultural experiences while connecting property owners with the power and reach of the digital world.

Pied à Terre is a one-stop shop for travelers and renters. Not only does the website connect guests and hosts, it also features a marketplace where hosts can purchase household goods to ensure their accommodations are top-notch. Hosts also qualify for free advertising on Google AdWords and social media through the website, enabling them to better reach interested travelers.

"Travelers seek a unique, memorable connection with the destinations they visit. The lodging experience should be a gateway to art and culture," said Francisco de Paula León, founder of Pied à Terre. "We are committed to elevating the importance of the arts in the travel experience and to connecting travelers with property owners who share this belief."

As part of its commitment to culture and the arts, in January of this year Pied à Terre launched the international photography contest "The World We Live In", open to professionals and amateurs alike who want to express their views about the beauty and challenges of our current world situation. On May 7th, the three winners were announced from a pool of entrants from over 50 countries. The theme of the second edition of this contest will be released this summer.

Pied à Terre will be celebrating its worldwide launch at Chambord Castle in France on May 31. During this event, filmmaker and socio-environmental advocate, Céline Cousteau will give a keynote speech on the topic "People and the Natural World: An Exploration of Connections." Ami Vitale, a National Geographic photographer, Nikon spokesperson, and the official judge of "The World We Live In" photography contest, will introduce the first-place winner, Fabiola Kano from Costa Rica. It's sure to be an extravagant event.

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