Philippines:’s first ATO project is well received by investors

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Considered the world's first company to invent the concept of an ATO project, has announced that it's first ATO project pre-sale was well received by investors from all over the world. is more than familiar with the development of blockchain technology and uses it for the real estate industry, making great strides in increasing its influence on an international scale.'s latest project is located at the Palawan Jing Jin Bai Chuan He Feng Timeshare Resort on the Palawan Island in the Philippines. The i-House Club Shojin project plans are being finalized, and investment is restricted by investors' ROI based on a fixed number of years. If an investor of this project does not want to wait for the project's maturity, the investor can use the initially purchased right-of-use portion at the top-rated Sapphire Mountain Resort (also located on Palawan Island) and directly redeem it for use. Investors who take part in this i-House ATO project can also take advantage of perks enjoyed by members of Sapphire Mountain Resort.

The second i-House ATO project is like the company's first project in Karuizawa, Japan in that it's within the real estate hotel and travel resort industries. However, there is much more vitality in this local markets' future development prospects and the future utilization of usage rights. These conditions will provide a much broader space for the development of the Philippines' travel and tourism sectors. will utilize a blockchain-based platform to support their second i-House ATO project and will improve project operation, marketing, and service optimization among other aspects of the business.

Philippines: World Tourism Mecca

The Philippines is a very popular choice for many travelers, and its geographic position, climate, customs and culture attracts many visitors from across the globe. According to official statistics, there were 6.6 million tourists who chose to visit the Philippines in 2017 and this number is expected to break 10 million in 2018. The Tubbatha Reef Marine Reserve, Baroque churches, historic old cities and over 7,000 islands of varying sizes continue to attract an increasing number of visitors.

Palawan's year-round climate is moderate and is well-known for being one of the world's natural and cultural heritage sites. It is also the last place in the Philippines that has not been developed and is fond of their reputation as ''the world's first tourist mecca.'' Surrounding the resort is the Puerto Princesa International Airport, white sand-filled beaches, Honda Bay and several other entertainment and transportation options that can meet the needs of all travelers.

The resort area is 85,000 square meters in total and consists of 15 independent 120-130 square meter Japanese villas, all equipped with hot tubs, that are slated to be completed in the first quarter of 2019. This is also the location of the world's first magnetic-carbon tourism project. Jikitan is a type of Japanese technology that uses magnetic-carbon released into the human body's electromagnetic system to improve health and increase life expectancy.

Understanding ATO

If you do not fully understand the i-House ATO project model or underlying concept, please click on the web link at the bottom of the page to see an in-depth i-House ATO project introduction. One of the advantages of the ATO project is that it can allow everyday investors to join and invest in large-scale projects. Now at a 66-percent discount, investors can buy a portion of the second i-House ATO project's usage rights. Also, investors can obtain 10-percent of their total purchase value worth of IHT as a bonus for purchasing the ATO tokens. will assist purchasers in transferring the right-to-use to third parties or the project manager after a three-year period if the purchaser does not choose to redeem them at either resort.

As of right now, has more than 10 i-House ATO projects in the works. By June, there will be two more Japanese i-House ATO projects set to launch online and by the month after that, they plan to announce the first iHouse ATO project for the US.

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