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Peru’s Arrivedo launches ‘Neighborhood Guides’ to find the best experiences near your hotel

By Gordana Davila 0 Comments NEWS, Regional News
Arrivedo, the renowned hotel reservation platform, has announced the launch of its new service facilitating the search of hotels and the best available prices based on neighborhood guides written by experts, which will allow travelers to make more informed decisions based on the location and activities they can enjoy in its surroundings.
Many hotel reservation websites focus solely on filtering prices and reviews, but this platform is different, as it strives to offer all of this combined with neighborhood experiences allowing an authentic exploration of different cultures.
The mission of this company, based in Lima, Peru and San Francisco, California is to strengthen the hotel industry, which is currently facing difficult competition from platforms such as Aribnb.
Arrivedo connects hotels with travelers, allowing users to search for accommodation according to the neighborhoods in which they are located. The new feature, Neighborhood Guide, uses a list of items with maps, routes, restaurants, tours, bars, lists and more, making it possible for travelers to instantly discover places to stop at when they visit a specific area.
According to Expedia Media Solutions, the experiences, cultural information and activities that travelers plan to take part in during their trip, are the most influential factors when deciding where to travel. In addition, 62% of US adult travelers said they prefer a service that gives them a personalized experience. Arrivedo facilitates this desire for local information. They currently have 500 hotels in 80 cities with writers who create exclusive Neighborhood Guides for them, and over 200,000 hotels connected to Arrivedo.

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