Mitula is an international vertical search engine for property, car and job classifieds. Mitula works exclusively with property, cars and job portals aggregating and indexing their content to drive qualified traffic back to their listings.

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How Mitula Works

Mitula generates additional high conversion traffic for portals and classified sites.

Partner portals submit data feeds to Mitula. Users search through listings indexed by Mitula and get a short summary of the ad’s content. When they click on any of the results, they are redirected to the ad’s detail page on the partner portal site.

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Mitula aggregates content from hundreds of opt in partner sites. We offer users a complete picture of all properties available on the market. Mitula is designed to provide a better and more relevant search experience for the home seeker. Users find only property ads (or cars or jobs) rom major portals and classified sites.



Mitula’s search tools offer very intuitive and fast acting filters to trim down the user’s quest for the best possible result. Mitula’s data validation and filtering process adds value to the search experience and contextualizes most of the ad’s information for a more relevant result list.

Users queries can be as complete and detailed as they want, they will only get a validated list of relevant results in return.

Mitula is free to index and offers a win / win partnership (feeds for traffic)

Paid priority listing is available through a CPC model for added visibility and traffic. Other value added services and sponsorship packages are also possible upon request.

Mitula’s value proposition

  • Mitula mines a good number of new users portals cannot access.
  • Mitula is a search engine, not a portal. It does not interfere with the portal’s work and mission, it complements and adds value to it.
  • Mitula diversifies standardized listing and positioning in search engines by offering portals an additional way to mine visitors.
  • Mitula brings added value to Internet users by simplifying and making searches more efficient. It also allows users to create search alerts to let Mitula search for them.
  • Ad seekers use Mitula as a tool to find ads that are scattered amongst a large number of sites.
  • Mitula drives user traffic to filtered relevant ads thus increasing lead conversion for partners.
  • Listing ads in Mitula is always free of charge. Paid positioning and traffic packages are available.

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Mitula Today

Today Mitula is one of the leading vertical search engines for real estate, auto and employment listings, with traffic of millions of unique browsers per month per country and over 170 million ads indexed from 7000 portals worldwide

Mitula is headquartered in Madrid, Spain with offices in Melbourne, Miami, Manila and Bucharest. It is currently available in 37 countries and 14 languages, in Europe, the Americas and Latin America and expanding rapidly in Asia and Africa as well.

For more information please contact us, we are looking for partners.