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Paris is currently suing AirBnB over leasing limits

By John Michonski 0 Comments NEWS, Industry News

Paris, France has begun the process of suing AirBnB, famous short term leasing company, for ignoring the city's limits on rentals. Currently, the city only allows for 120 day stays at the maximum, but AirBnB users often surpassed that with no repercussions.

“What’s at stake for us is the very identity of Paris,” the city’s deputy mayor Ian Brossat said in a conversation with the Wall Street Journal. “We can’t let Paris become a museum city where no one can afford to live.”

Many Paris locals are against the limit, however, as they use the funds they make renting out rooms to tourists to get by.

“We are disappointed by this decision, which will hurt local families who share their homes and puts their needs behind the financial interests of big hotel chains and well-funded lobby groups,” Airbnb’s spokesperson said.

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